Amarkets broker scam reviews. Feedback, opinions, and comments

Amarkets broker scam reviews. Feedback, opinions, and comments

Amarkets is a broker well-known in Russia, its main office is in Montenegro. Amarkets company for all its existence worked under completely different brands and eventually changing the concept of work, they returned under the Aforex brand. But in March 2015, they officially rebranded, changing Aforex to an international brokerage company Amarkets broker scam reviews.

Amarkets broker scam reviews

In order for you to understand whether you should cooperate with Amarkets, we provide several reviews.

“Trade is going well, I am basically satisfied. But the whole day there were problems with authorization, it is not clear for what reason. In principle, conditions are offered good, in this company you can work and most importantly earn money ”- Roman Ivleev

“I've been trading for quite a long time, which is why I can say with 100% accuracy that in Amarkets there are a lot of problems with withdrawing money, and having gone deep into the subtleties of trading and having learned information from other users, I became convinced that this problem exists not only from me . Therefore, first of all, invest your budget in Amarkets, think a few times! ”- Arthur Solntsev

This is only a part of opinions, but we ask you not to build false information and to be objective.


How does the company work?

Amarkets broker scam reviews

  • The main task of the company is, first of all, for the client to succeed in trading, for this the company is ready to offer a complete set of tools for successful trading.
  • The client can trade at any time of the day and with any amount of capital. With the Meta Trader 4 platform, you can easily and easily trade on your own.
  • The main thing in trading is speed, as it directly affects the price of transactions and their opening and closing. Trading in Amarkets is also great for beginners, as the company offers several types of accounts for convenient trading.
  • Clients can easily focus only on trade, as we take care of the rest.


The registration window can be found by clicking on the “start trading now” button when you click, you will be transferred to a new page where you can easily register and start trading and earning. To register on the Amarkets website you need to fill in information about yourself: Name, Surname, phone number, and Email and click "Open Trading Account". Then the specialist will contact you and discuss with you all the nuances.


Each company has its drawbacks, as we see from the reviews, Amarkets broker scam reviews also has drawbacks, but still, the company has established itself as a reliable broker with which it is possible and necessary to cooperate. But if you have any information in the period of cooperation with this broker, then you can always share this information with us.