Millennium Specialist review from real customers. Is Millennium Specialist a Scam or an honest broker?

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Millennium Specialist review from real customers. Is Millennium Specialist a Scam or an honest broker?

Millennium Specialist review from real customers. Is Millennium Specialist a Scam or an honest broker? Similarly, these are the questions that are asked before investing with a MillenniumSpecialist because there is a lot of scams involved in the finance industry. Traders began to trust Millennium Specialist less and less. Therefore, now everyone and everything is being rechecked twice.

Millennium Specialist review

Especially if you are looking for a MillenniumSpecialist that you want to trade with huge capital.

Millennium Specialist review

In the Millennium Specialist review, we will reveal all the crucial information. Moreover, we will analyze everything that you need to know.

  • Legal issues,
  • Withdrawal of funds,
  • Quotes, platform,
  • Feedback
  • Reviews from real traders.

Similarly, we hope our review will help you understand why trading with millennium specials is safe.

Millennium Specialist – Registration, Licenses, and Regulation

On the Millennium Specialist website, we see a contact phone number: +442037693747.

The company has an office: Cyprus.

Moreover, On the Millennium site, we see the company is also registered at B1 359 28th October street WTC Cyprus – Trust Re Building, 3107, Cyprus.

Millennium Specialist is registered in the zero tax zone, for you as a trader that means that your commission will be much lower than that of a Millennium Specialist who is registered in Europe, the USA, or Canada. Since the lower, the costs of the, the lower the commission for the client will be. Make sense, right? Yup.

Trading accounts – Millennium Specialist

Millennium Specialist has 6 different trading accounts that you can choose from, depending on your deposit.

Millennium Specialist review

Bronze – Deposit from € 250 to € 10,000

The account includes:

  • Relationship Manager – Trial Period,
  • Trading Central Daily, Newsletter – Trial Period,
  • Trading Central Premium, Signals – Trial Period,
  • Private One on One Trading Academy – 1 Session,
  • Private Trading Sessions,
  • Access to Event Room

Silver – Deposit from € 10,000 to € 50,000

The account includes:

  • 1:200 leverage,
  • Up to 25% margin loan,
  • Daily news,
  • Weekly market review,
  • Account manager,
  • Weekly portfolio – progress report

Gold – Deposit from € 50,000 to € 100,000

The account includes:

  • 1:200 leverage,
  • Up to 35% margin loan,
  • Daily market review,
  • Daily portfolio,
  • Progress report,
  • Work with a portfolio manager,
  • Monthly session with certified accountant,
  • 24/7 account monitoring by top analyst group

Platinum – Deposit from € 100,000 to € 250,000 (BEST VALUE!)

The account includes:

  • 1:200 leverage,
  • Up to 50% margin loan,
  • Daily market review,
  • Daily portfolio,
  • Progress report,
  • Personal portfolio manager,
  • Weekly live stream trading webinar,
  • Weekly 1 on 1 with market Analyst,
  • Monthly session with certified accountant,
  • 24/7 account monitoring by top analyst group,
  • End of year summary with a certified Tax specialist

Diamond – Deposit from € 250,000 to € 1,000,000

The account includes:

  • 1:300 leverage,
  • Up to 75% margin loan,
  • Daily market review,
  • Personal portfolio manager,
  • Weekly live stream trading webinar,
  • Daily one on one sessions with top Analysts,
  • Customized Education,
  • Daily market signals,
  • In-Depth Research,
  • Invites to VIP events
  • Managed Portfolio

Corporate – Deposit from € 1,000,000

The account includes:

  • 1:400 leverage,
  • Up to 100% margin loan,
  • Daily market review & signals,
  • Unlimited access to brokers,
  • Personal chief portfolio manager,
  • Daily one on one live stream trading webinar with top Analyst,
  • Wealth Manager,
  • Invites to VIP events,
  • Customized Education,
  • Managed Portfolio,
  • Super tight spreads.

Millennium Specialist Review – financial structures about the broker

We looked at the entire website of the financial regulator CYSEC (Cyprus) and did not find any complaints from clients or any fines.

However, we also looked at the website of the financial commission, and there is nothing there either.

Millennium Specialist: Brokers Support

If you want to ask a question or ask for help with anything regarding the Similarly, You can go to the website at any time and write to the support.

Millennium Specialist’s support has been recognized as one of the most efficient at the FXEurope trade exhibition. Likewise, You can contact them by phone, which is listed in the upper right corner of the website.

You can ask the Millennium Specialist to call you back (if you call an overseas phone number) as not to waste money on phone calls. If it is convenient for you, you can always write to the MillenniumSpecialist in the e-mail format: [email protected]​

Millennium Specialist review

Verification and documentation (KYC) – Millennium Specialist broker

KYC verification is carried out as follows.

You will need a photocopy of an official document confirming your identity:

  • Passport, driver’s license, or any other ID.
  • Utility bill.
  • If you made a deposit using a bank card (VISA or MASTERCARD). You will need to provide a scan of the card, on which you can cross out all the digits of the card, except for the last 6.

Brokerage company Millennium Specialist – review of their unique tools for traders

We want to add a small review of the unique tools that Millennium Specialist provides.


WebTrader – Millennium Specialist Review

There are hundreds of thousands of indicators in the open that Millennium Specialist traders can get access to.

Hundreds of custom bots that trade for you. Signals for currency pairs, signals for stocks and commodities.

WebTrader is a collection of unique technologies for traders, there are advanced trading analytical products, as well as additional services.

You can use it on the Millennium Specialist web terminal or download and use it on a PC or your mobile phone. In other words, you can access it through native Android and Apple Apps. Similarly, If you want to download it when you enter your personal account.

The platform is used to trade the Forex, CFD, Crypto. In addition, it is downloaded to your computer.

Now let’s move on to the analytical side of this platform. This is one of the strongest sides of WebTrader. You will have the following at your disposal:

  • Hundreds of indicators to help you trade,
  • Financial news and insights,
  • Trading signals and copy trading,
  • Automatic trading robots.

You have all the tools available. Moreover, you can predict the market situation and make money on it. Or in the worst-case scenario, exit the trade with minimal or no losses.

Millennium Specialist broker reviews

Millennium Specialist customer reviews.  Above all of them are positive. Traders mention their managers. Talk about their success stories. Moreover, Many say: “Millennium Specialist broker is one of the best in the finance industry”.

  •  Cathy, 34 years old:

“I just wanted to say that MillenniumSpecialist is such a great broker! They really help me to achieve my goal. Moreover, I already made more than 2,520$ just in the past month and it’s only the beginning! I love their signals, literally vouch for them for all of you guys!”

  • Susan, 22 years old:

“I made more than three million dollars thanks to MillenniumSpecialist! Thank you so much MillenniumS!”

Millennium Specialist review

Millennium Specialist review

Millennium Specialist review – Conclusion: Decent and proven broker who is trusted by thousands.

TOP 6 reasons why Millennium Specialist is one of the best choices. (In the world of finance):

  1. Millennium Specialist is a world-class broker.
  2. No violations regarding any financial commission on regulation.
  3. World-class support.
  4. Signals for Forex up to 87,6% positive trades.
  5. Education by Millennium Specialist – amazing custom education programs.
  6. Special thanks to the MillenniumSpecialist for Autotrading

In conclusion: The majority of customers are ecstatic with their experience. This is a fair broker, according to customer reviews and we vouch for Millennium Specialist.