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The most useful projects and resources on the Forex market

So, on the Internet there are many portals that provide various services for traders. There are information sites. They provide useful information for trading on Forex. Typically, the editors of such sites are analysts. Their task is to support traders and give tips useful in the work. Such information will be useful both for beginners and experienced traders. Because the currency exchange is a dynamic structure, and changes must be constantly monitored.

Forex Analytics

Other popular projects are analytical companies. Such organizations are engaged in the analysis and analysis of the forex market and help traders to choose the desired currency pair. They also explain the subtleties of working with it.


Brokers provide a special category. In fact, these companies are intermediaries who participate in the process of foreign exchange trading as intermediaries. In most cases, they do not just act in this way, but also provide consulting services and help in the actual process of trading.