Broker Binomo scam reviews. Feedback, opinions, and comments

Broker Binomo scam reviews. Feedback, opinions, and comments

Binomo is one of the most popular brokerage platforms. It appeared in 2014 and has already managed to get a license from the financial market to allow its activities. The office of a binomial broker is located in Russia, which allows Russian users not to worry about their investments and investments and can count on positive solutions to their concerns.
Broker binomo gives the largest selection of payment services, it allows users to choose for themselves a convenient way to withdraw money. Binomo scam reviews broker needs to start earning with only $ 10.
We found relevant reviews from users who have already tried to work with binomials.

“I have been working with the bean for a long time and have been earning tidy sums for a long time. I am satisfied.  have never seen a platform better than a binomo scam. The only problem that arises in me when you change money, I was asked for a lot of different documentation, a copy of my passport, photo card and so on. And for a long time I was asked to check the identity of the slag, after checking the identity, to once again send a copy of the passport allegedly again for verification, I thought that the money would not be withdrawn, but no! Everything went well and the money came to the card within a week, maybe more. Now I withdraw money in small amounts so that more such incidents do not arise. “- Valery Yelkin

“I don’t understand why everyone is so admired by the Binomo platform, for example. I want to try something else. Because there are constant problems with the withdrawal of money, especially if the amount is greater. Nobody will just like that and you will spend your nerves on your nerves! Therefore, I withdraw money in small amounts or change the platform, my advice to you “– Maria Komeleva

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Why choose Binomo scam reviews

Binomo himself calls himself “Smart Investments,” and this is how it is. Of the advantages of this platform, this is the minimum bill of $ 10. It gives you the opportunity not to save on start-up capital. And start earning here and now. You can open multiple transactions and not wait for the completion of one to send the second. Binomo provide the opportunity to earn not only on weekdays but also on weekends. It is very convenient for those who are busy all day at work. And want to earn more on weekends. The cost of a transaction on a platform with a bin is $ 1. Which means that you will not lose a large amount.

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Binomo scam reviews

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Conclusion – is Binomo scam reviews?

At first glance, Broker Binomo can listen to trust, but after reading the comments, opinions about the company are divided 50 to 50. Someone says that the broker can be trusted. And someone promises not to get involved with them anymore. Therefore, if you have worked with a broker your opinion. We will be glad to hear your opinion.