Capitaliko review. Is this broker a scam or a reliable one?

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Capitaliko review. Is this broker a scam or a reliable one?

Capitaliko review. This article will be about a global broker that provides Forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD trading. So, if you are interested in making money on the stock market, you can open a Capitaliko trading account. We live in a time when many people make a living by trading. Some even get super rich. They live in the places where they want. They buy yachts and jets. Trading can give you freedom. That is why so many people dream of becoming a profitable trader.

Let’s talk about everything traders usually want to know about their brokers. Then, you will see why Capitaliko is a good choice.

Capitaliko review. General information

Capitaliko review. The broker is relatively new but already has a good reputation among traders because its clients make money. It offers a wide choice of trading instruments and tools that help traders make a profit. And it’s just one of many reasons why traders love this company. We have talked with many its clients, and they all said only positive things about it. 

Trading platforms


Capitaliko provides excellent software for trading. It’s a famous MetaTrader 4. Every experienced trader knows it’s a very intuitive and easy-to-use trading platform with everything you need to make a profit. It’s much easier to make money with such a great platform.

You can use both a Desktop version and a Mobile Trader.

Using the Mobile platform can be very convenient when you are far from your computer because you will never miss any opportunity to make money on the stock market. And this is one of many reasons why traders love this broker.

Capitaliko review. Account types 

Capitaliko review. The broker offers four trading account types: 

  • Bronze 
  • Silver 
  • Gold
  • VIP Platinum 

You can find all the information about these account types on the Capitaliko website: If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the broker or write an email. Capitaliko has a highly professional support team. You will get the answers quickly. It would be great if everywhere was such a good service.

Funding and Withdrawal

Capitaliko provides many different funding and withdrawal methods:

  • Wire Transfers
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Cryptocurrency and a few others

You can find all the information on the Capitaliko website. 

Not many brokers provide so many options. It makes Capitaliko one of the best.


Commissions and fees

People with experience in the stock market will tell you that even experienced traders could hardly grow their deposits if they have to pay high fees and commissions. They would lose their money in the end.

If you compare the Capitaliko commissions with other brokers, you can see they are relatively low. It means traders can make money here. They can grow their deposits because they don’t have to pay big commissions. That is another reason why traders choose this company.

Capitaliko makes its profit through spreads, fees, and commissions. So, the more you trade, the more broker profits. If you lose your money, Capitaliko will stop getting your commissions. That is why the company is interested in you being profitable and trading more and more.

Capitaliko review. Safety of funds is a secure site where all personal information is encrypted. It means nobody will be able to steal and use it. You can see that the Capitaliko website has an SSL certificate. It shows your money is safe with this broker. If you asked any trader, they would tell you that safety of money is the most important thing for every one of them.

The company follows KYC rules (Know Your Client). Every regulated broker must follow these rules. And every trader has to verify their identity and address. It is a must to start trading. If you refuse to send the required documents to Capitaliko, you will not get access to the market. 

Verification is not a long process. You can do it quickly and start making money.


The company offers different kinds of bonuses. You can find all the information about it on the Capitaliko website. Not many brokers have a bonus policy for their clients. It’s another reason why traders love this broker. 



Capitaliko provides its traders with excellent support. If you need answers, you get them in no time. The team is highly professional. We haven’t met even one client of this company who said negative things about the Capitaliko support team. It would be great if all the services everywhere were at such a high level.


Capitaliko is a relatively young broker, but it has already earned a good reputation among traders because many of its clients make a profit. More and more people around the globe open Capitaliko trading accounts to make money on the stock market. 

Traders about Capitaliko

“This company is all you need to make money on the stock market. Many grow their deposits with this broker.”- John T.

“Capitaliko offers excellent services for traders. I wish all the brokers were like this one.”- Rachel F.

“This company is one of the best brokers for Forex trading.”- David A.

“You will not find a better broker than Capitaliko for trading cryptocurrency and CFDs.”- Anne G.

“After three months of trading, I more than doubled my money. Thanks to Capitaliko, I can use many tools and instruments to make a profit.”- Richard D.

“It’s such a cool feeling when you make money by trading! I wish I started it earlier.”- Greg M.

“If you ask me, this broker is the best for CFD trading.”- Tim W.

Capitaliko review. Conclusions 


Capitaliko is an excellent choice to start trading Forex, cryptocurrency, and CFDs. This company has everything traders need:

  • Excellent trading platforms
  • Lots of instruments that help traders make a profit
  • Great support and additional services
  • Positive reviews

We highly recommend this broker. It seems to be one of the best brokers nowadays for trading cryptocurrency, CFDs, and Forex. If you are interested in trading on the stock market, you should open a Capitaliko account and try the services. Many people make money using them. You can be one of them too.

To open a Capitaliko account, follow this link:

Enjoy trading!