CryptoBroker scam reviews. Feedback, opinions, and comments

CryptoBroker scam reviews. Feedback, opinions, and comments

After reading the reviews of the brokerage company CryptoBroker scam reviews, you can conclude that this company can be trusted, but if you try to visit the website of this company, you can see a completely different picture. The registration button does not work, if you want to open a current account, then you are unlikely to succeed. So we conclude that the brokerage company CryptoBroker simply does not exist and perhaps many users who tried to work with this company lost their funds and could not withdraw them.

We found some reviews, dissatisfied users of the CryptoBroker scam reviews

“After reading the reviews about this company, I decided that I could and should trust it. And yet I decided to start work, at first everything was fine, I invested in the brokerage company CryptoBroker, but in fact, everything turned out, as always, sheer deception, it is almost impossible to withdraw money, and then the company ceased to exist! My advice is to better read as much information as possible about a brokerage company before you start working with it, so as not to get into such situations as I did. Be careful ”- Nikolay Smirnov

"I wanted to start working with CryptoBroker, read the reviews, everything is so beautiful and wonderful, I found the official website, I went to it and could not even register, the site simply does not work, either temporarily or stopped working completely - I can’t say, but the fact remains that the site does not work and I am very sorry for those users who invested their money and as a result, could not withdraw them ”- Ksenia Nesterenko


What does CryptoBroker broker promise?

CryptoBroker promises a transparent withdrawal of money, without delays, and errors, since the withdrawal of funds occurs automatically using a special bot. Protection of all investments and the main protection of personal data. According to the promises of the company CryptoBroker, I want to entrust my funds, but what kind of trust can there be if the company just disappeared from the horizon and stopped working. Therefore, before you start working with broker companies, make sure you can trust them and read the reviews.

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The registration button, like on most sites, is in the right corner, but clicking on it will not get to the registration window, because the button does not work and errors occur.


We do not advise you to contact a brokerage company Krypto Broker, it does not inspire confidence. But we cannot be sure of this information for one hundred percent if you have information that was acquired for the period of cooperation with this broker, then you can share your impressions with us.