FXalta review. Is this a scam or a broker you can trust?

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FXalta review. Is this a scam or a broker you can trust?

We are going to talk about a global cryptocurrency and CFD broker that provides services for international clients. Its name is FXalta. In this FXalta review, we will go over everything traders want to know about a broker before opening trading accounts. Because only knowing all the information you can decide can you trust this company or not.

This FXalta review will reveal all the small details of the broker. Here is a brief of what we are going to talk about:

  • General review
  • Licenses and regulation
  • Website security
  • Trading platform
  • Deposit and withdrawal
  • Account types
  • Trading tools
  • FXalta advantages over other brokers
  • Support

Let’s dive into details.

FXalta review, general information

FXalta review wouldn’t be full without general information about the company. So let’s start from the location of the broker.

FXalta is located in Malaysia (Lotto2(a), level 4, Wisma Lazenda, Jalan Kemajuan, 87000 Labuan F.t.).

FXalta was founded by three individuals from Cyprus: two professors (Jason and Matthew) with a Ph.D. in finance and analytics, and Nikolaos – a great entrepreneur who used to trade on the stock market since 1995. They decided to give traders a new ultimate solution – they offered trading without paying huge commissions and called it FXalta.

Licenses and regulation – FXalta

Some brokers have no regulations. FXalta has two – by the Labuan’s financial services authority and the Comoros Union as an international brokerage.

Is this a good sign for you as a trader? Yes, it is a great sign.

Can FXalta be a scam, or is this a broker you can trust? 

FXalta is definitely a broker you can trust because it’s regulated. Therefore you can be sure your funds are secure.

fxalta.com. Website security


FXalta has one of the most advanced security systems on its website and trading platform. The website has an SSL certificate that encrypts all your personal information. It means no one can view your data or access it.

Just make sure not to share your password with anyone else, and you can be sure that your account and your funds are safe.

Trading platforms

FXalta provides excellent software for trading. It’s very intuitive and easy to use. The broker offers two trading solutions: the custom FXalta web-trader and the mobile FXalta. 

Web-trader is an excellent advanced trading platform with everything traders need to get success. 

Mobile FXalta is a lightweight version of the platform that you can use on your phone. It’s very convenient when you are far from your computer.

Deposit and withdrawal

To start trading with FXalta, you have to deposit at least $250.

You can deposit using any of those methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Wiretransfer
  • Vouchers/Coupons
  • Digital wallets

When you are ready to withdraw, you can get your money to the card you used to deposit or withdraw money to your bank account. Or use any other option FXalta offers.

FXalta account types

FXalta provides you with four main account types: Standard, Premium, Platinum, and VIP. Every account type is different and if you want to know all the information in detail, you better go to the FXalta website and learn it. After you know all the differencies, you will be able to choose what type of a trading account is good for you. Of course, every account has its perks. Mainly, it depends on the amount of money you have on your account. Better conditions get those who have more money on their trading accounts. Sounds fair and logical.

Trading tools



FXalta offers its traders signals and education.

FXalta trading signals combine over 39 indicators to give you an edge when you are placing trades. And that is why the statistics show that over 83% of the signals are profitable.

The education programs that FXalta provides are very personal and can help you achieve better results even if you are an experienced trader.

FXalta also provides excellent starting materials for novice traders. So if you are just starting your trading career, you have nothing to worry about. You will get here all the information you need about trading.

FXalta advantages over other brokers

FXalta has one massive advantage over most brokers out there: it’s the team of the broker. The company has 137 people on its team. Most of them have over ten years of experience in the financial field.

As Matthew Brown, FXalta CEO said: “We hire the best of the best to achieve greatness.”

Why does this matter for you as a trader? Because when you need technical support, it’s always good to know that the people who help you are highly professional. It means you won’t lose your money by some silly mistake.

FXalta review. Support

FXalta provides its traders with great support. You can reach them through live chat on fxalta.com, mail, or social media.

You can also talk to the account manager regarding any issues you might have. The team is very friendly and will help you with any problems.

FXalta review. Conclusion


Is FXalta a scam? NO. Of course not.

Is this a broker you can trust? YES. It is definitely a broker you can trust. The broker is reliable and you don’t have to worry about your money. It will be safe on your trading account. And only you decide when to take it back.

If you are a beginner, we would really suggest FXalta because:

1. The education system FXalta is great for beginners.

2. Super intuitive and easy-to-use trading platform.

3. Top-notch support that you will most probably need.

4. Very low spreads

If you are a professional, then here is the list of things you might enjoy:

1. Advanced educational materials.

2. Excellent trading signals.

3. The ability to combine advanced strategies using the FXalta trading platform.

4. Very low spreads.

We highly recommend this broker. It seems this broker is one of the best in the field and very promising. The company has already a very good reputation among traders although it’s young. To open a trading account with FXalta, follow this link: https://www.fxalta.com/

Good luck in trading!