Shamining is a scam or a legit crypto mining platform?

Shamining is a scam or a legit crypto mining platform?

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Shamining is a scam? We will find out in this article: we found all official and unofficial data and also studied all Shamining reviews. All activity of the company is based on – providing cryptocurrency mining services. It happens through cloud mining, so, utilizing using a remote data processing point. 

It allows clients to make money without making absurd investments. In general, everything is more than accessible and understandable to everyone who doesn’t know anything about internet-currency or crypto mining.

Shamining has been in business since 2018. Until today, they help their clients to increase their income each day. Currently, more than 8 000 crypto-investors cooperate with Shamining. It is explained by affordable and favorable conditions (but we will analyze them a little bit later).

A lot of Shamining reviews confirm the positive reputation of the company. There are three data centers, which made a big influence on it. Their offices are located in different countries around the world: USA (California), Great Britain (London), and Western Cape (Cape Town). But the company is planning further expansion in the near future. In theory, it should have a positive effect on the process of mining. Future costumers will probably have much better terms because they “got in early”. Now is a good time to start, if not the best time to start.

Before starting the cooperation, we need to understand, whether is Shamining a scam and what is people are saying in Shamining reviews about the company. Therefore we analyzed a few more aspects of work and read real comments of clients. That’s is how we can make an objective observation.

Shamining a scam

All about – Shamining is a Scam or not

So how do we know Shamining is a scam or not? To find an answer, we will collect all the data into the chart, so, it will help us to identify scammers on the Internet. All their activities seem to be spread out in the palm of your hand and you can see all competitive advantages and disadvantages.


Year of foundation 2018
Mining System Cloud mining
Minimum investment 10$
Who can cooperate with the company Any adult user. Regardless of the place of staying.
Power of mining Several powers for client’s choice: 23 580 GH/s, 94 340 GH/s, 235 849 GH/s, and also the possibility of individual tuning. 
What do you need to start profiting Any device with Internet access. 
Possible promotions and discounts Today  – 35% for all miners
Contacts for feedback Email, online chat, and private Email of some employees of the company.
Team of specialists Arthur Bancroft, Matthew Morce, Thomas Patterson, Alan Lee, Klaus Günther.
Shamining reviews More than 83% positive reviews
Data centers 3 data centers: in the USA, in Europe, and Africa.
Payment acceptance methods  Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Visa, Mastercard.
Withdrawal of funds Instant 24\7

As we can see, all conditions are competitive. It is very important to understand, that some points stand out (in a good way) from similar organizations. We can also say, that it excludes the possibility of getting scammed by Shamining. Looks very legit, but will carefully study other conditions too, just to be 100% sure.


Real conditions – Shamining is a scam or not?

You can start working with Shamining from these simple steps – registration and miner launch. But further conditions depend on choosing mining power. Cloud mining can be done in one of three ways.

  1. Bitcoin is mined with a capacity of 23 580 GH/s and an average return is 143%. Payment for 1 GH/S is $ 0.0120 and the service charge is 0.0108 $ for 1GH/s per day.
  2. Bitcoin is mined with a capacity of 94 340 GH/s and an average return is 149%. Payment for 1 GH/S is $ 0.0113 and the service charge is $ 0.0106 for 1GH/s per day.
  3. Bitcoin is mined with a capacity of 235 849 GH/s and an average return is from 156%. Payment for 1 GH/S $ 0.0109 and the service charge is $ 0.0104 for 1GH/s per day.
  4. Individual terms of cooperation, which are formed for each client separately.

You can choose any options provided by the company. You can also change it in the future if you have such a desire or need. Different Shamining reviews have noted it in many comments. We have already noted in the chart above, that the minimum investment with Shamining is 10$. It is really difficult to find so low starting amount from other mining organizations. Especially, if they are not scammers or at least have such good terms as Shamining.

In this case, you should not expect, that Shamining is a scam, but vice versa. You can understand it by many positive comments of clients.

Shamining is a scam or not GPU MINERS

All about the mining process with Shamining and how to avoid scammers on the Internet

We have already touched a little on how mining begins. In this section, we will analyze the further process of making money on the Internet with Shamining. To understand whether Shamining is a scam, let’s analyze not only the conditions but also the process.

You can earn money with the company from any mobile or desktop device. The main thing is to have an access to the Internet – even if you are located anywhere in the world. 

If you don’t know cryptocurrency well, it will still be easy to start profiting from mining. The company has created an incredibly user-friendly and understandable interface. 

The procedure is more like a game, than some complicated technical or mathematical calculations. By the way, a lot of Shamining reviews talk about the knowledge level. That even a beginner can do it.

All the data that we have collected, shows, that the mining process goes like that: you sign up and rent a miner. Start mining and while you do, you gradually receive your income and withdraw it through the selected payment system. 

By Shamining reviews and official information, money can be withdrawn instantly at any convenient time. In fact, only a few companies can offer such a fast withdrawal method.

The section «Beware of scammers» deserves special attention. Employees work not only for their intended purpose but also to help their clients to avoid scams. It means that Shamining is not a scam.

Registration on Shamining – comments about the company

Now, it is time to talk about the registration process. This first step is a kind of foundation for further cooperation. The registration process is simple and easy. Because Shamining has such an advanced system you can be 100% sure that your information is safe.

Due to Shamining Reviews, we know exactly, that registration meets all the specified conditions of safety. It starts from the «Registration »section on the main page, in the upper right corner. When we click on it, a form with fields for data entry opens:

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. Email address
  4. Phone number
  5. Coming up with the Password
  6. One again, enter invented password

Under all these fields, we agree with the rules, by putting a tick in the box and clicking «Create account». Shamining reviews affirm that data entry takes less than 5 minutes. Of course, these indicators are different for every person and depend on many factors.

Generally, after the passed stage you will need to go through verification and finish with the validation of your account. An employee of the company will call you and help you to make the last step. It is quite easy to do it by yourself, but you can also ask for help from your account manager.

We can only add from ourselves, that it is better to write down your password and hide it in a safe place. It is always unpleasant when you forget your password. Just imagine, how will you feel, when you have a large amount of money on your account. 

It is really difficult to say, that Shamining is a scam, as they carefully guard each customer’s accounts and help you get the most of your mining process.


Advantages and disadvantages of Shamining

After making of analysis almost all aspects of the organization’s work, we can safely highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Shamining. Yes, it is not so perfect. There are also some shortcomings, that many clients highlighted in their comments on professional forums. Shamining reviews about the company became the basis of the lists below. Only clients can accurately note all advantages.

The advantages of Shamining are the following:

  • The minimum investment is 10$;
  • High-quality animation of mining, that create an effect of playing a game;
  • There is a section about scammers, where it is possible to know a lot of useful information;
  • Employees of the company are highly qualified specialists;
  • You can earn money and mine from any device;
  • You can choose the needed power of mining;
  • 3 data centers with using of green energy;
  • The work is based on a transparent scheme with a simple profitability calculation on the website;
  • Sometimes, there is a 10% discount;
  • You can get information about some of the employees of Shamining on the website in the section «About the team»;
  • The website has a lot of useful information that is available for everyone;
  • A clear process of registration that meets all rules;
  • Work with a lot of payment systems. 
  • Easy and fast money withdrawals
  • Easy to use interface

The list of benefits influences the good reputation of the organization. And knowing that it’s very hard to think that Shamining is a scam. But there are some disadvantages.


The disadvantages of Shamining are the following:

  • No phone number for online support.

The main absence that we noted by reviewing Shamining is the lack of phone number for feedback. Probably, it is because chatting an online specialist is easier and faster for most people. Nevertheless, many people write about it and we can’t miss it in our review.


The truth about Shamining company and reviews

We wrote several times, that real people’s Shamining reviews had a big effect on this article. Only real clients can describe the full picture. That is why we studied their comments on a special forum and provide you several detailed ones.


Name of user Comment Date
Anastasia S. «Everyone has heard about cryptocurrency, but who decided to make money on it? Unfortunately, not everyone. Because it needs big money or finding a good company with Cloud mining. I am lucky! I found Shamining. The whole process is arranged in a such way, that every «blonde» can earn money for a handbag. I really enjoyed cooperation with them, especially, as my income has increased significantly. I put a solid 4 out of 5. The guys have room to grow))» 18.09.2019
Mark V. «It is a very cool company. I wanted to find such a thing for a long time. Shamining helped me to pay off the loan and start earning money for me and my family. Now I am trading with power of 94 340 GH/s, later I plan to increase the power and my private income. Hope it’s going to happen very soon». 07.02.2019


There are not the thank you letters, that are written by many commentators, but even from them we can see, that Shamining Scam doesn’t exist. The company just chooses an honest approach. 

Shamining a scam or not team

How to contact the company

At any time the client should have the possibility to contact specialists. There are many reasons for that, and everybody has its own. One thing that everyone has in common is the possibility to inform about the problem or ask questions. Shamining offers 2 ways to contact with clients:

  • Online chat on the main page of the website (easy and fast);
  • Email address – [email protected].


We also found email addresses of directors and specialists from different departments of the company. They are situated on the web-site of Shamining and it is really simple to find them. It proves once again, that we can’t say that Shamining is a scam, but the opposite.

Summarizing everything written above, we can say for sure, that Shamining is not a scam. We will be even clearer. Shamining is an honest and trusted company and we vouch for it.