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Seoseed is an information portal dedicated to reviews of existing stock exchange companies. Data submitted by brokers who are surveyed by Seosid are engaged exclusively in exchange activities. Here are the terms of cooperation of various brokers. Thus, visiting this site, you will get enough information about the broker. At the expense of authenticity, we can not argue, because of the opinions of each author, purely individual, and depends not only on the information received but also on the experience of cooperation. This is what readers write about visiting this information portal. “The site is not bad, a lot of information is presented. There are certain rubrics that denote the activities of companies. At the same time, for me it was a surprise, in the rubric (scam) I found a broker with whom I cooperate for half a year. It was designated, not in very good light. As a result, I became concerned about the accuracy of the information. ”- Evdokia Anisimova. But some reviews about the portal are quite positive. We will not denote conclusions, it will be done directly by the reader.

About scam reviews

The site is for informational purposes only. Thus, those who are interested in forex trading will be able to emphasize useful information for themselves. has been operating for several years now and it has clearly established feedback. All your contacts for communication, Seosid provides. As for example, it means that if a company is located in the wrong category, namely in “scam”, then after communication by mail, it can be transferred to the “Verified Products” category. It seems to us that the transfer from one rubric to another may take some time and acquire additional conditions. Again, this is only our subjective opinion.

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Registration to visit the Seoseed site is not required. Which makes it easier to access information. But, since Seosid is also engaged in training, here it is necessary to fill in your personal data, in accordance with the instructions. Your personal data must be correct because you simply can not pass the verification for further training.

Conclusion. scam reviews

Seosid provides information that can be used for general development. Considerable bonuses are considered and learning to trade. Seosid provides video courses and certain training methods with which you can trade without loss on forex.